Where is the Line?

Performance and video installation, Belgrade, 2004

The original performance was staged at the time of the pre-Christmas and New Year festivities in 1998. A large table heavily laden with food and wine was set in the front room, while in the back room stood a wooden box with a live calf. Visitors gathered around the table and began to eat, drink and chat. I slipped away and changed my clothes. Together with my assistant, a professional butcher, we went to the back room and killed the calf as practiced in the slaughterhouse. Some visitors noticed our departure and followed us to the back room while others continued with the feast. Finally we put the dead animal onto a stretcher and carried it out of the gallery.

For the exhibition Continetal Breakfast in Belgrade I created a video installation of this project. One projection showed the Skuc gallery where the calf was killed. The other showed close-ups of people eating at the opening breakfast outside the 25th May Museum, where this exhibition took place.

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