Video installation, Ljubljana, 2006

A video conversation between myself and the Brazilian artist, Daniela Mattos.

Danieala Mattos (Rio de Janeiro):

The piece I'm working on with the Slovenian artist Franc Purg, and which is to be presented at Pogovarjanja, deals with the issue of distance, which is also used as a means of getting closer. We are exchanging several short videos of 'paths', sending them via e-mail to each other, maybe as a way to find ourselves. I think this kind of 'visual conversation' makes it possible, as a rhizomatic relation, for us to somehow access what has become of us and our emotions.

Franc Purg (Celje):
Can a work of art be created by two people who don't know each other, who are of different sexes and who come from a different generational, geographical and cultural background? What happens with the roads we tread and drive many times a day, the roads on which we don't see or notice anything exciting, if we watch a video document of them on screen? Do we really constantly need to reflect on our lives? Is life itself not enough? These are these questions that follow me, while I am working with the Brazilian artist Daniela Mattos.